TRANSMISSION 2421-11-24-013-US32B

I’m going to die. RIght. Okay. This is my last message. <static> Something has breached the capsule. Fuck. There’s a lot of junk out there. Oxygen levels are <static> minutes.

I know I’m too far away <static> to be picked up in time and by the time this message gets to Earth, I’ll already <static>.

Control: please relay this to my wife and son. Gloria, I love you <static> our wedding day – you were so beautiful. I wish <static>. The truth is we can’t look back – regrets will only destroy you and you’ve got nothing to be sorry for. I forgive <static>

Josh, I need you to be strong for your mother – you’re going to be the man of the house now, which means <static>. You can do it. I know you can. I love you.

I know there’s no God. The universe is more vast and wonderful than we could ever begin to comprehend. This doesn’t make me sad, doesn’t <static> it means there’s more to appreciate and find <static> would only undermine that. <static>

I’ve been trained for this. I’m prepared, I’m at peace with <static> I won’t be in pain, it will be like falling asleep. I won’t suffer, you need to know that.

I’m just trying to remember what it was my father said before he died. He said it’s not about <static> and that’s always struck me as getting right to the truth of all this.

<static> for over a month now and this is the first time I’ve really taken in the view. It really is beautiful. <static> that the final thing I’ll see is. Wow. <static>

Love is. Love is so important – it’s the most important. I’d say I’m going to miss you, but we know <static> happen. I know this is cold, but it’s true.

Didn’t someone once say we’re still alive through the people whose lives we’ve touched? The smiles and <static>. It sounds corny, but there’s some truth in that. At least I hope there’s truth <static> so please try and hold onto that, try and keep that in your heart.

Fuck. You can do this. You can do <static> do this.

Josh, please. Gloria.

Oh man, that was. Starting to feel a bit.

That <static>

I <static> definitely running out.

Oh God. Please Lord. Forgive <static>

Thank you. Thank



This text is copyright 2016 by Jon Cronshaw, released under a BY-NC-ND Creative Commons Licence.  


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