Jon’s Author Diary – 030 – April 29, 2018

Jon had a much better week. He wrote a gritty space marine short story and the outline for the follow-up to Blind Gambit, Blind Reset

On May 1, Jon will launch a new podcast for authors and established authors where he guides an old school friend through the process of writing his first novel. Look out for Stop Booking Around! wherever you find your podcasts. Look for the Stop Booking Around! listeners’ group on Facebook now.

Blind Gambit will be available for a special pre-order price of 99p/99c until May 10. Don’t miss out! Click HERE to order your copy today.

Email your questions to Jon (at) joncronshaw (dot) com.

Get your free copy of Addict of the Wasteland, the prequel to his Wasteland series, by visiting

You can find out more about Jon Cronshaw and his work by visiting or Jon’s author page.

Like his Facebook page at

Follow him on Twitter @jlcronshaw.

If you want to help the show, please consider telling a friend or leaving a review on iTunes.

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