Jon’s author diary – November 3, 2023 #amwriting

Join me this week for an update brimming with new beginnings, exciting launches, and some seasonal festivities. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s been happening:

Hello from sunny Morecambe!

🌙 Finishing “The Long Night”
I’ve put the finishing touches on my short story, “The Long Night,” and I can’t wait for you to read it. This tale is set to unfold on my Substack in the coming weeks.

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📦 “Dawn of Assassins” Books 1-3 Boxed Set Launch
The wait is over! The first three books of my dark fantasy series “Dawn of Assassins” are now bundled into a thrilling boxed set. It’s available on Amazon, ready to take you on a journey filled with danger and intrigue.

Click HERE to order your copy!

😂 Live Laughs with Garth Marenghi
I had the joy of experiencing Garth Marenghi live in Manchester – a blend of horror and humour that makes for an unforgettable night. It’s always refreshing to see how comedy and horror can intermingle so brilliantly.

🎃 Halloween at Blackpool’s Illuminations
Halloween was a blast this year, as I found myself amidst the iconic Blackpool’s Illuminations. The lights were spectacular, adding a bit of sparkle to the spookiest night of the year.

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