Jon’s Author Diary – August 7, 2023

Explore author adventures in Jersey, retro cinema nights, ‘Ravenglass Legends’ updates, Wattpad tales, and diving into the Horus Heresy series.

Hello from sunny Morecambe!

This week, I took a short break to Jersey. Yes, that’s right, I swapped my author’s den for a bit of beach-side brainstorming. Sun, sea, and scribbles…oh, and storms.

While escaping the rain, we watched ‘Snow White‘ (1937) at the cinema. Nothing like a classic to make you appreciate the art of storytelling (and remind you of those dubious attitudes in the 1930s.)

Speaking of tales, I’ve got a fresh outline bubbling for Ravenglass Legends Book 3. Believe me, this one’s shaping up to be a fun series.

In the spirit of branching out, I’ve ventured into the world of Wattpad! Soon, you’ll find snippets, tales, and perhaps a few misadventures from yours truly. If I can work out how to post that is…

Finally, I’ve been reading Fear to Tread from the Horus Heresy series. Space Marines and epic sagas.. sometimes, one needs a dose of galactic grandeur amidst fairytales.

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So until next time, cheerio.

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