Jon’s Author Diary – June 30, 2023

Join Jon as he shares exciting updates on his ongoing projects – Guild of Assassins, Dawn of Assassins book 4, and a new fantasy series. Also, dive into his take on Horus Heresy and Glastonbury highlights.

Welcome to this week’s author diary.

In today’s episode, I’m excited to share updates on my progress with Guild of Assassins and the fourth Dawn of Assassins book, as well as outlining a brand new fantasy series.

I also discuss my thoughts on the Horus Heresy book series and my highlights of this year’s Glastonbury festival, as well as the importance of disability representation in popular music.

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Jon’s Author Diary – June 23, 2023

In his 300th diary episode, Jon explores progress on “Guild of Assassins” and “Ravenglass Legends”. He also shares his thoughts on the Horus Heresy books and recent Netflix indulgences, offering a balance of creativity and leisure.

Welcome to the 300th episode of Jon’s Author Diary.

This week has been a tremendous journey, with progress on my books, indulgence in some fantastic reads, and a few hours well-spent on Netflix.

This week, I’ve been channeling my inner rogue while working on my book, Guild of Assassins, an exclusive Substack novel. It’s an intense exploration of the shadows where the silent killers dwell. Stay tuned on Substack for thrilling chapter updates and some behind-the-scenes revelations about this unique guild.

Book 2 of the Ravenglass Legends is underway. This week, I have made significant strides in developing the narrative arc and the characters. There’s plenty of surprises, mystery, and adventure to come.

In the midst of writing, I’ve also been indulging in some quality reads. This week, I’ve delved into the Horus Heresy books – “The First Heretic” and “Prospero Burns”.

Besides writing and reading, I’ve found some time to unwind with Netflix. I watched the Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary – an insightful, inspiring dive into the life of one of the most iconic figures in the fitness and entertainment world. “Killing Eve” also kept me hooked with its intense narrative and outstanding performances.

It’s been an exciting week of writing, reading, and relaxing with some fantastic TV. If you want to join me on this journey and never miss an update on the “Guild of Assassins”, follow me on Substack at

Here’s to many more shared stories and adventures together!