Fantasy Assassins: 10 Reasons They’re More Than Just Killer Characters

Discover the allure of fantasy assassins. From their mysterious nature to unique skills and moral complexities, explore why these killer characters captivate readers.

Assassins are a staple in fantasy literature and continue to be beloved by readers.

These hired killers add a level of excitement, intrigue, and danger to a story.

Here are ten reasons why I think fantasy readers love assassin characters.

1. They are mysterious and unpredictable.

Assassins shroud themselves in secrecy, making them intriguing and mysterious characters. Their motivations and actions are often unexpected, adding to the tension of a story.

2. They have unique and impressive skills.

Assassins are usually highly trained in the art of killing and are often depicted as having extraordinary abilities, such as stealth, accuracy, and agility. These skills make them formidable opponents and exciting characters to read.

3. They add danger to a story.

Assassins are often hired to eliminate important or powerful characters, which can lead to thrilling and tense situations for both the assassin and their target.

4. They are anti-heroes.

Assassins are not typically the “good guys” of a story, but they can also be seen as a force for good. They may be hired to eliminate tyrants or other nefarious characters, making them a form of vigilante justice.

5. They are complex characters.

Morally grey, assassins are often depicted as having a troubled past or inner demons, making them complex and multifaceted characters.

6. They are skilled in multiple forms of combat.

Fantasy assassins are not limited to just using a blade or crossbow, they are often skilled in hand-to-hand combat, archery, or even magic.

7. They live by their own code of ethics.

Many fantasy assassins have a strict code of ethics they adhere to, which can add an interesting moral dynamic to the story.

8. They are often loners.

Assassins often work alone, which adds to the sense of danger and mystery that surrounds them.

9. They are a symbol of rebellion.

Assassins often take on dangerous missions and go against the status quo.

10. They can be the perfect foil for a protagonist.

Assassins often serve as the main antagonist for the protagonist, providing a formidable challenge and adding to the tension and excitement of the story.

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