Out now: Trial of Thieves (Dawn of Assassins, book 2)

Dive into ‘Trial of Thieves’, the riveting second book in Jon Cronshaw’s ‘Dawn of Assassins’ series. A tale of choices, loyalty, and survival in a dark fantasy world.

Step back into the captivating world of Jon Cronshaw’s ‘Dawn of Assassins’ series with the release of the riveting second book, ‘Trial of Thieves’.

Our protagonist, Fedor, is a thief, a killer, and now finds himself on the brink of a new life as an assassin. When Soren enters the picture, Fedor’s world is turned upside down.

With a magical blade at his side, he is thrust into his first deadly contract: to eliminate the most formidable man in Nordturm. Does he have the resolve to kill once again?

Faced with a critical decision, will Fedor remain in the shadows as a thief, or step into the ruthless world of assassins? And what becomes of his trusted gang amidst these trials?

‘Trial of Thieves’ is a pulse-pounding follow-up to ‘Dawn of Assassins’, weaving together themes of friendship, loyalty, and survival in a dark fantasy setting that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The shadows beckon you. Will you step into the thrilling world of Fedor once more? Grab your copy of ‘Trial of Thieves’ today, and join this relentless journey of survival and self-discovery. Act now. Embrace the thrill.

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