Out now: Dawn of Assassins (books 1-3 boxed set)

Fedor and Lev are thieves…

…neither signed up to be killers.

But when they’re unwillingly recruited by a master assassin with a dark agenda, the stakes turn lethal.

Can they survive Soren’s increasingly perilous trials designed to twist their morals and endanger their lives?

How far will Fedor and Lev go to reclaim their freedom?

Perfect for mature readers, Dawn of Assassins delivers a fast-paced blend of suspense, moral ambiguity, and non-stop action.

This collection brings together three gritty dark fantasy novels: Dawn of AssassinsTrial of Thieves, and Crucible of Shadows.

In a world where trust is a luxury and assassins loom in the shadows, are you ready to confront the barriers of morality and survival?

Dare you face the dawn?

Author: joncronshawauthor

Best-selling author of fantasy and speculative fiction brimming with adventure, escapism, and an exploration of life's big questions.

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