The fifth anniversary of Wizard of the Wasteland

Celebrate the 5th anniversary of Jon Cronshaw’s debut novel, ‘Wizard of the Wasteland’. Immerse in Abel’s post-apocalyptic journey in a special hardback edition.

Wizard of the Wasteland by Jon Cronshaw

Five years ago, on June 20, 2017, a spellbinding tale of resilience, survival, and redemption emerged from the ashes of a ruined world – Jon Cronshaw’s debut novel, ‘Wizard of the Wasteland’.

Today, we invite you to celebrate this extraordinary milestone by delving into the gritty world of Abel in a brand-new hardback edition. It’s a chance to feel the weight of Abel’s journey, literally in your hands, for the first time ever.

Abel, an unlikely survivor of the apocalypse, is haunted by a past that’s as relentless as the desolate wasteland he navigates. With his loyal dog by his side, he earns a living trading salvaged relics from a forgotten era. But when Abel stumbles upon a group of enslaved children, his struggle for survival evolves into a fight for redemption.

Can he conquer the beast of addiction gnawing at his soul? Amidst the relentless desolation, can he find a sanctuary, a place to call home? Is there room for hope in a seemingly hopeless world?

‘Wizard of the Wasteland’ isn’t just a story; it’s an exploration of the human spirit’s capacity to endure and find purpose in the bleakest of landscapes.

Join us in celebrating this post-apocalyptic journey’s 5th anniversary. Revisit Abel’s world or explore it for the first time in this special hardback edition.

The resilient spirit of the ‘Wizard of the Wasteland’ awaits you. Step into Abel’s shoes. Discover hope in the heart of desolation. Secure your copy of the hardback edition today and let the journey begin anew.