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Kat is destined to rule a brutal empire, but her heart yearns for a different path. Torn between royal duties and her magical destiny, she must navigate a world of wyverns, messenger boys, and mysterious Guardians to uncover the truth behind her powers and her family’s hidden past.

🔮 Unravel the Secrets of the Tarot…

Inspired by the enigmatic world of tarot, Jon Cronshaw weaves a rich medieval tapestry filled with magic, intrigue, and adventure. The Ravenglass Chronicles omnibus collection includes all twenty-two novellas of this best-selling series, perfect for fans of epic fantasy who crave hidden magicfound families, and reluctant heroes.

🎇 Will Kat Choose Love or War?

As Kat faces the choice between true love and an arranged marriage, she must confront the secrets of her father’s death and the tangled web of deception that surrounds her. With only a wyvern and a messenger boy as allies, can she unlock her powers and bring peace to her kingdom?

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