Out now: The complete Wasteland series

Jon Cronshaw’s complete Wasteland series. Post-apocalyptic survival meets addiction struggle. A battle for hope, humanity, and freedom in a ruined world.

In the ashen aftermath of the apocalypse, Abel clings to survival…

…yet it’s not the desolation that nearly claims him, but the stranglehold of addiction.

With his faithful dog at his side, Abel navigates the scarred landscape, bartering the treasures he scavenges from the ruins of the world that once was.

His solitary existence is shattered when he stumbles upon a group of children ensnared by the chains of slavery. As the lines between survival and humanity blur, Abel is thrust into a battle he didn’t choose, but refuses to abandon.

Can he conquer the beast of addiction gnawing at his soul?

Will he unearth a sanctuary in this merciless wasteland, a place he can dare to call home?

Is there room for hope in a world seemingly devoid of it?

Embark on a gritty journey into the heart of a desolate world with Jon Cronshaw’s compelling Wasteland series, compiled here in its entirety.

This collection is a must-read for lovers of post-apocalyptic survival tales that explore the depths of the human spirit, the beauty in our flaws, and the timeless struggle between good and evil.

Survive the end of the world alongside Abel. Experience the relentless pursuit of hope in a hopeless world. Confront the trials of the wasteland and emerge transformed. Secure your copy of the Wasteland series now. In the ruins of civilization, find the strength to endure, to hope, to fight.

Jon Cronshaw's Wasteland series