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Blades of Wolfsbane ny Jon Cronshaw

Hello from Sunny Morecambe!

I recently launched a Substack newsletter devoted to sharing the stories and worlds I’ve created, and my first serialized story is now available! It’s called Blades of Wolfsbane, and it’s set in my Ravenglass fantasy universe.

Blades of Wolfsbane follows Ragnar, the son of a chieftain who is eager to prove himself but struggles to carve out his own path.

In secret, Ragnar practices his fighting skills with the help of his best friend using a revolutionary new technique.

As they train covertly at night, the boys must ensure their clan and enemies remain unaware of their burgeoning abilities.

With a pivotal warriors’ tournament on the horizon, Ragnar faces an impossible decision. Should he reveal his exceptional skill and risk dishonouring his family? Or should he suppress his prowess and confront a menacing adversary?

As Ragnar grapples with his destiny, a mysterious wyvern emerges from the shadows. But is this enigmatic creature an ally or an enemy?

If you enjoy sweeping fantasy epics filled with honour, friendship, swordplay, and intrigue, you’ll love Blades of Wolfsbane.

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