Cover reveal: The Fall of Wolfsbane – Ravenglass Legends book one

Discover the epic tale of Ragnar and Maja in “The Fall of Wolfsbane,” a prequel set in the intricate world of the Ravenglass Chronicles. Immerse yourself in a rich fantasy realm!

If you’ve been following my Author Diary podcast, you’ll be aware that I’ve added a second point-of-view character to The Fall of Wolfsbane, and the story is so much stronger because of it.

Now, you can expect a full-length epic fantasy novel (it’s the longest novel I’ve written to date) that tells the story of Ragnar and his sister Maja as they are taken as hostages by the Ostreich Empire.

Ragnar is forced to live in Welttor under the mentorship of Prince Gregor, while Maja is sent to the Imperial Palace in Reichsherz to become a pet project of Princess Saranka.

It’s set several hundred years before The Ravenglass Chronicles at the time when the Empire first invades Wiete.

There will be some familiar places and even a familiar character!

As with Dawn of Assassins, you don’t need to have read The Ravenglass Chronicles to enjoy the story, but as I write more stories in this world, hopefully you’ll enjoy the little Easter eggs and how the world is different at various points in the timeline.

If you’ve not read the prequel Blades of Wolfsbane yet, you can get it for free as part of the Ravenglass Universe starter library.

If you’re a member of the Ravenglass Universe Facebook group, you’ll have already seen the cover for The Fall of Wolfsbane.

I love what Christian has done with this. It fits in nicely next to my Dawn of Assassins and Ravenglass Chronicles series.

As an author, getting a new cover is as close to the feeling I used to have opening presents on Christmas morning.

The designer gets the brief, you wait…and wait. And then something magical happens and the vague notes you made about the concept and colours come to life in front of you.

Of course, I still need to finish writing my redrafts, but having a cover definitely energises me to a book finished.

Here it is…