Reading Order for The Ravenglass Chronicles: Embark on an Epic Fantasy Adventure

Embark on an epic fantasy adventure with the Ravenglass Chronicles. Discover the definitive reading order for this immersive series inspired by the tarot’s major arcana. Magic, intrigue, and unforgettable characters await.

For fans of epic fantasy, the Ravenglass Chronicles, with its intricate storylines and unforgettable characters, offers a deeply immersive experience.

Each book in the series is inspired by the tarot’s major arcana, weaving a rich tapestry of magic, intrigue, and adventure.

To help you navigate this enchanting world, here is the definitive reading order for the Ravenglass Chronicles.

Book 0 (prequel) – The Fool

Book 1 – The Magician

Book 2 – The High Priestess

Book 3 – The Empress

Book 4 – The Emperor

Book 5 – The Hierophant

Book 6 – The Lovers

Book 7 – The Chariot

Book 8 – Strength

Book 9 – The Hermit

Book 10 – Wheel of Fortune

Book 11 – Justice

Book 12 – The Hanged Man

Book 13 – Death

Book 14 – Temperance

Book 15 – The Devil

Book 16 – The Tower

Book 17 – The Star

Book 18 – The Moon

Book 19 – The Sun

Book 20 – Judgement

Book 21 – The World

You can read The Fool for free as part of your Ravenglass Universe starter library.