10 Common Mistakes Fantasy Heroes Make

Discover the 10 common mistakes that fantasy heroes make in epic quests. From ignoring signs of danger to not asking for help, explore relatable character flaws and growth. Dive into the world of fantasy novels and learn from their missteps.

Fantasy novels are filled with exciting and epic stories of heroes and heroines on quests to save the world.

But even the greatest fantasy protagonists are guilty of making some pretty stupid decisions.

Here are ten common mistakes that fantasy protagonists make that can drive readers crazy:

1. Not asking for help when they clearly need it.

Whether it’s from a wise old wizard, a powerful sorcerer, or just a friendly farmer, there are plenty of people who could help our heroes out of a jam. But instead, they often choose to go it alone and suffer the consequences.

2. Refusing to use their magical abilities when they would clearly be useful.

Many fantasy protagonists are reluctant to use their powers, either because they don’t want to be seen as different, or because they’re afraid of the consequences. But when the fate of the world is at stake, sometimes it’s necessary to embrace your inner wizard and unleash a few dozen fireballs.

3. Ignoring obvious signs of danger.

Whether it’s a dark and foreboding forest, a cursed object, or a creepy old mansion, fantasy protagonists often choose to ignore the obvious signs of peril and charge headfirst into danger.

4. Trusting the wrong people.

Fantasy protagonists often trust the wrong people, whether it’s a charming rogue, a smooth-talking wyvern, or a seemingly innocent peasant. And while they may have the best of intentions, these shady characters often end up betraying our heroes.

5. Not being prepared for battle.

Heroes are often caught off guard when it comes to battle, whether it’s not having enough arrows for their bow, or not having a plan of attack. This often leads to them being captured, or see their friends killed.

6. Neglecting their friends and loved ones.

Sometimes our hero gets so caught up in their quest that they neglect the people who care about them the most. This can lead to strained relationships and even the loss of important allies. Pick up a phone, it’s not that hard.

7. Not thinking things through.

Fantasy protagonists often rush into things without thinking things through, whether it’s charging into battle without a plan, or making a hasty decision that has long-term consequences.

8. Being too confident.

Heroes sometimes overestimate their own abilities and underestimate their opponents, which can lead to some very bad decisions.

9. Not learning from their mistakes.

Fantasy protagonists often make the same mistakes over and over again, whether it’s trusting the wrong people or not being prepared for battle.

10. Not listening to their inner voice.

Heroes often ignore their gut instincts and instead listen to others, usually an old dude with a beard. But sometimes your inner voice is the only one you can trust.

While our favourite heroes can make some pretty stupid decisions, it’s also what makes them relatable and human.

And even when they make mistakes, we can’t help but root for them as they learn and grow.

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