Unsung Heroes: The Sidekicks of Famous Rogues in Fantasy

Delve into fantasy’s unsung sidekicks, pivotal to every rogue’s journey, offering a blend of conscience, comic relief, and courage in the shadows.

In the dappled shadows of fantasy literature where the roguish anti-heroes revel in their morally ambiguous glory, there scuttles a far less celebrated caste—the sidekick.

These often overlooked stalwarts of story are the wind beneath the rogues’ proverbially dubious wings, providing comic relief, moral compasses, or even a well-timed kidney punch just as the tavern brawl turns sour.

Let’s hoist these unsung heroes from the footnotes to the marquee, shall we?

After all, behind every great rogue is a sidekick rolling their eyes.

The Sane to Their Insane

Firstly, spare a thought for the long-suffering sidekick who plays the straight man to the rogue’s maverick.

They are the ones holding the horse, picking up the tab, and generally ensuring that the rogue doesn’t end up in a gibbet before the story’s end.

They provide a sense of normalcy and, dare we say, sanity in a life otherwise beset by the rogue’s penchant for chaos.

The Conscience in the Shadows

For every rogue with a heart of gold (or at least, brass), there’s a sidekick whispering morally sound advice into their ear, often ignored but indispensable.

They are Jiminy Cricket in leather boots, the ones tugging at the rogue’s sleeve, reminding them of the ‘right thing to do’ amidst the seductive call of treasure chests and ill-advised seductions.

The Butt of All Jokes

Without the trusty sidekick, who would suffer the indignity of pratfalls, misfired spells, or the classic accidental ingestion of a love potion?

They endure it all with a grin (or a grimace), knowing their suffering is for the greater comedic good.

The Unexpected Hero

When push comes to shove (often off a perilous cliff), it’s sometimes the sidekick who saves the day.

They’re the unexpected heroes, the ones pulling the rogue’s backside out of the proverbial and literal fire, only to fade into the background once the applause rolls in.

The Loyalty Behind the Legend

A rogue’s loyalty is often questionable at best, but their sidekick’s fidelity is as steadfast as a monk’s vow of silence.

Whether it’s a matter of debt, honour, or the rarest kind of friendship, these sidekicks stick around through thick and thin.

They’re the Samwise to your Frodo, if Frodo regularly nicked the silverware.

The Mirror to Their Madness

The sidekick often serves as a reflection of the rogue, highlighting their virtues and vices with stark clarity.

Without these trusty companions, the rogue’s dazzling brilliance might just be a tad too blinding.

The sidekick grounds them, reminding us that even the most maverick of heroes needs a helping hand—or at least someone to groan at their puns.

The Harbingers of Growth

Let’s not forget, the sidekick is often crucial to the rogue’s character arc.

It is their influence, their challenges, and their unwavering belief that spur the rogue towards personal growth.

They are the catalysts for change, the unsung therapists guiding our anti-heroes towards a semblance of personal development.

The Best Fantasy Rogues’ Sidekicks

It’s time to shine a well-deserved spotlight on the best of the best—the stalwart companions of some of fantasy’s most beloved rogues.

These are the sidekicks who’ve saved skins, shared burdens, and stood by their partners in crime through thick and thin.

Royce Melborn – The Shadowy Counterpart in Riyria

Royce Melborn of “The Riyria Revelations” is half of the most notorious pair of thieves across the land of Elan.

If Hadrian is the brawn, Royce is the shadow—slipping through darkness, a whisper that spells death for the unsuspecting.

But more than just a lethal blade in the dark, he’s a true companion to Hadrian.

Their banter is the stuff of legend, and his loyalty—once earned—is as solid as the steel he wields.

Jean Tannen – The Gentle Giant of Camorr

In Scott Lynch’s “The Lies of Locke Lamora,” Jean Tannen is the rock to Locke’s hard place.

This bespectacled bruiser can crunch skulls as easily as he can recite poetry.

But Jean’s more than just muscle; his heart and his steadfastness often serve as the moral compass for the Gentleman Bastards, especially when Locke’s schemes spiral out of control—which is always.

Nighteyes – The Furred Philosopher and Companion

Nighteyes from Robin Hobb’s “Farseer Trilogy” redefines what it means to be a sidekick.

As a wolf bonded to Fitz, Nighteyes is more than a pet; he’s a brother, confidant, and comrade.

This four-legged philosopher brings wisdom, wit, and an unwavering loyalty to the table, showing that sometimes the best friends come with fur and fangs.

Azoth – The Apprentice to a Master Assassin in “The Night Angel Trilogy”

The transformation of Azoth into Kylar Stern in Brent Weeks’ “The Night Angel Trilogy” sees him as a sidekick to the master assassin, Durzo Blint.

Azoth’s loyalty and his journey from street rat to skilled killer is a poignant representation of the sidekick as both student and eventual hero in his own right.

His moral compass remains intact, often leading him to question the darker paths they tread.

Wayne – The Eccentric Sidekick in the Mistborn Era 2

Wayne from Brandon Sanderson‘s “Mistborn” series is a master of accents, disguises, and the fine art of “borrowing.”

As Waxillium Ladrian’s partner, Wayne is equal parts infuriating and indispensable.

With a penchant for mischief and a unique sense of justice, he provides not only comic relief but also a reminder that even the most solemn moments can benefit from a touch of the absurd.

So, let us raise a tankard to these paragons of patience, these models of loyalty—the sidekicks of fantasy’s most famous rogues.

May their wit be as quick as their reflexes, and may their rogues’ fortunes be enough to at least keep them in decent boots.

And remember, behind every rogue’s triumphant smirk, there’s a sidekick, probably muttering, “I told you so.”

Assassin Archetypes: The Different Types of Assassins You’ll Encounter in Fantasy Novels

Explore the various assassin archetypes you’ll encounter in fantasy novels. From the brooding anti-hero to the ethical killer, discover their quirks.

Ah, assassins. Those lovable rogues who kill people for money, political advantage, or, you know, just for the sheer artistic expression of it.

With more stealth than a cat burglar and more blades than a Swiss Army knife, they’ve been gracing the pages of fantasy literature for years.

Much like that creepy guy at the pub who won’t stop talking about his knife collection, they’re hard to ignore.

So, as we venture into the labyrinthine corridors of fantasy literature, let’s look at the types of assassins you’re likely to bump into (and hopefully, survive to tell the tale).

The Old Timer

This geezer’s been around the block more times than a Deliveroo cyclist.

He’s a master of the game, knows every trick in the book, and makes youngsters look like mere novices wielding a butter knife.

Just because he might need a little WD-40 on those joints doesn’t mean he won’t cut you seven ways to Sunday.

Signature Move: The “I’ve seen it all” eye-roll followed by a swift knife throw.

The Brooding Anti-Hero

This one comes with a lifetime supply of angst and emotional baggage, conveniently stored in a dark leather cloak.

Typically a protagonist, he’s either out for revenge or running away from a past that includes more skeletons than a medical school’s supply closet.

He’ll reluctantly save the world, but only if he can do it while maintaining a sulky demeanour.

Signature Move: The monologue about how life has been unfair to him, just before slitting someone’s throat.

The Femme Fatale

She’s as deadly as she is beautiful, and often clad in impractical but jaw-dropping attire. (Really, how does one sprint across rooftops in stilettos?)

She doesn’t only have a dagger up her sleeve but also a cunning plan.

The Femme Fatale will kill you, steal the artifact, and break your heart—all before brunch.

Signature Move: Poisoned lipstick. Fatal and fabulous.

The Ethical Assassin

This character is the fantasy equivalent of the person who brings a reusable cup to a gunfight.

They’ve got a code, you see—no women, no children, and absolutely no killing of innocent unicorns.

They’re the vegans of the assassin world; they’ll still kill you, but they’ll feel guilty about it.

Signature Move: The apologetic letter left on your corpse, explaining that it was, regrettably, just business.

The Magical Menace

Why settle for mere mortal methods when you can warp time, control minds, or teleport behind your target with a whimsical flick of the wrist?

Yes, this assassin makes you question the fairness of the universe.

They’ve got magic to do their dirty work. Not content with just a blade, they’ve added pyrotechnics for good measure.

Signature Move: Turning you into a toad, then squishing you. Efficient, really.

The Comic Relief

This one’s less ‘cloak and dagger’ and more ‘joke and snigger.’

They’ll kill you, but they’ll make a pun while doing it.

Most often found in ensembles where their levity balances out the incessant brooding of the Anti-Hero.

Signature Move: Telling a “knock-knock” joke, then knocking you dead.

The Incompetent

The ‘comic relief’s’ not-so-distant cousin.

This assassin’s bark is far worse than their bite, and they’re likely to trip on their cloak, fall on their own dagger, or mistakenly poison themselves.

They’re like the Mr. Bean of the assassin world, only far less endearing.

Signature Move: Accidentally killing themselves, thereby saving you the trouble.

So there we have it, a merry band of miscreants who’ll keep you looking over your shoulder in every imaginary realm.

Whether they’re old or young, magical or mirthful, they share a common purpose: to add a dash of deathly excitement to your next fantasy adventure.

Choose your favourite, but remember: being fond of an assassin is like cuddling a cactus—painful and ill-advised.