The Ten Most Enduring Tropes in Fantasy Literature

Discover the enduring tropes that shape fantasy literature. From quests and chosen ones to magic swords and wise mentors, explore the familiar elements that make the genre captivating.

Fantasy literature is known for its rich and diverse worlds, as well as its use of familiar tropes and conventions.

These tropes have become staples of the genre and are often used to create familiar and relatable stories for readers.

Here are ten of the most enduring tropes in fantasy literature:

1. The Quest.

A journey undertaken by the protagonist(s) in order to achieve a specific goal, such as finding a powerful artifact or saving the world.

2. The Chosen One.

A character who is chosen by fate or prophecy to save the world or fulfill a special destiny.

3. The Magic Sword.

A powerful weapon that is often imbued with magic and is vital to the quest or the hero’s journey.

4. The Dark Lord.

An evil and powerful antagonist who seeks to destroy the world or conquer it.

5. The Wise Old Mentor.

An experienced and wise character who guides and advises the protagonist(s) on their quest.

6. The Horde of Mooks.

A group of weak and disposable minions or enemies who are easily defeated by the protagonist(s).

7. The Magic School.

A place where young characters learn about magic and hone their skills, often with a prestigious reputation.

8. The Secret Legacy.

A hidden truth or power that the protagonist(s) discover about their past or their family.

9. The Back from the Dead.

A character who is believed to be dead but returns to the story, often with a new perspective or power.

10. The Deus ex Machina.

A sudden and unexpected event that resolves a seemingly impossible situation, often involving a supernatural intervention.

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