Celebrating Six Years SInce the Launch of Wizard of the Wasteland!

Join author Jon Cronshaw on his exciting writing journey, from the release of his latest novel to upcoming projects and a Facebook community. Discover the world of Ravenglass Legends and Guild of Assassins in this author diary.

Hello from sunny, rainy, sweaty Morecambe!

It’s been a full six orbits around the sun since I first introduced you to the desolate yet hopefuly world of Wizard of the Wasteland.

Wow! Time really does have a knack for performing its own magic tricks, doesn’t it?

I find myself reflecting on this amazing journey that started with a spark of an idea, flourished into my first novel, and then set the course for me to become a full-time storyteller for the past five years.

A heartfelt thank you for your support in making this possible. As a disabled author, it means I don’t have to deal with bosses (or more specifically, snooty HR reps) who ask whether working at a computer is the best for someone who is legally blind.

I get to tell stories for a living, and that is beyond amazing.

Ravenglass Legends

This past week, I wrote “The End” on the final draft of my next novel, The Fall of Wolfsbane, and it’s now in the capable hands of my editor.

And I’ve plunged right into the sequel, The Wolf and the Wyvern. With the first draft of the first point of view halfway through a redraft, and an entire second point of view still to write, there’s plenty of thrilling work ahead.

I’m so excited about this new series! Not only does it answer many of your burning questions from The Ravenglass Chronicles, but it will add an even richer tapestry of stories and adventures to the world we’ve been exploring together.

Guild of Assassins

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve also been working on Guild of Assassins, a tale I’m gradually releasing on Substack. This series paints a vivid picture of Soren, the master assassin from Dawn of Assassins. Remember the guy who refused to vacate our minds? Yep, him.

It’s been so much fun to delve into his journey, from the subtle craftsmanship of a sculptor’s apprentice to the deadly finesse of a master assassin.

Read the first episode at: joncronshawauthor.substack.com.

Facebook group

If you’re craving more updates, or just fancy a chat with fellow readers, I invite you to our cozy little corner of the Internet—The Ravenglass Universe Facebook Group.

Come join us, share your thoughts, theories, and let’s keep the magic alive together. Visit: facebook.com/groups/theravenglassuniverse.

Until next time, cheerio.